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Malligans Minigolf Dispenser (MMD) is a patented, self-serve machine. No employee presence is needed. The MMD holds four different sized golf clubs, color-coded by size. A sizing chart is displayed above the clubs, allowing guests to choose the appropriate sizes. A matching ball is dispensed with each club. Clubs and balls are returned at the rear of the machine when guests are finished playing.

The interface is a weather-resistance computer monitor that is positioned flat against the face of the MMD. In order to initiate a transaction, a guest simply touches the screen as instructed by the monitor's home screen. a credit card swiper allows for both debit and credit cards and is PCI compliant. Hardwired internet service is required. The MMD does NOT accept cash. Receipts are optional based on each guest's choice on-screen and are submitted via email.

Golf clubheads are covered with an injection molded plastic, thus minimizing wear-and-tear on the course and obstacles.

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