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Mini Golf

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Looking for a new amenity for your business or property?
Malligans Mini Golf is a self-serve minigolf course that comes in 6-, 9-, or 18-hole options. It requires minimal maintenance and can be placed both indoor and outdoor. The course is a patented, easy to install locking system with soft side bumpers that help keep balls on the course. Obstacles are colorful and fun, and the golf clubs and balls are dispensed from a patented machine that also serves as signage for the course.

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Malligans Mini Golf is perfect for any venue that is looking for a fun amenity that provides additional income, including:
- Hotels
- Resorts
- Casinos
- Bowling alleys
- Movie theaters
- Restaurants
- Universities
- Skating rinks
- Airports

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Malligans Mini Golf courses are manufactured in the United States, with headquarters in Minnesota. Leasing and financing options are available*. All Malligans Mini Golf courses come with a 1-year warranty.

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The minigolf dispenser provides a vibrant visual display with instructions. It also stores the clubs in a neat and organized, compact space which reduces clutter at your property. Prices can be set at any level and are controlled online by the property owner. The dispenser is made primarily of aluminum to minimize rust and provide a lightweight unit for moving. Dimensions are approximately 36" wide by 36" deep by 66" tall.

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